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The return of the Church to the message of Jesus:

The Christian faith is not to rule the world, but transform.

Conversion of the Church at the Second Vatican Council of 1962-1965 >>>

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Faith needs the permanent dialogue with reason, i.e. with the scientific knowledge and developments in all areas of life.


Faith experiences (spiritual experiences) need dialogue with the world experiences.

Such experiences of faith allow world design:



The transcendence, the eternal world of God is not outside of the real world, but is the 'soul' of the real world.

The transcendence embraces and permeates all reality.


The salvation history is an incarnation (embodiment) of mental-spiritual values

into the world.


The purpose of Christianity is "Incarnation".



This incarnation needs the dialogue

-          between faith and reason,

-          between  inner world and outer world

-          between church and society

-          between ideologies, creeds and religions


The message of the Second Vatican Council:

The Church emphasizes the "dignity of man", the solidarity worldwide and
the responsibility of every person for justice, peace and development.

The Church respects

-          the "autonomy of the earthly realities" >>>,

-          a social and political pluralism,

-          freedom of religion and conscience >>>


The dialogue between reason and faith is an important motor

-          for a human and holistic social progress,

-          for a comprehensive development of the human person,

-          for the "salvation history" of God with the mankind.


The critical dialogue allows you to develop a modern doctrine
of the faith for all areas of life.

The critical dialogue enables the realization of values
 in all areas of personal life and the social world.


This dialogue is very deficient in church leadership: e.g.

- in the area of prayer culture and ecclesiastical rites
- in the area of understanding of authority and authority practice
- in the area of conflict and criticism culture


Link zum Teilen: http://hanglberger-manfred.de/saekularisierung-inkarnation-engl-html.htm


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